Feather dydrolyzing machine

Take feather as a example, the wet poultry feather which from slaughterhouse is transported to the dydrolyzing machine with the conveyor. After 30 minutes dyrolyzing in the normal temperature, then convor it and sealed to make the temperature reach to 130℃, to kill E. coli and break
Keratin molecule chain, to improve digestibility of 75%. Keep the pressure reached 0.25mpa and make it at pressure for
45min, then exhaust steam water in tank, cooling the powder which is brown in color, protein-containing
80%. Apply to feather from slaughterhouse, fur animal’s bones, offal, and intestines’ casings and others, the disabled dead poultry, animals, animal carcasses in transportation, all can be make into feather meal, meat bone meal, chicken meal, intestinal feather powder with high temperature sterilization.

Hydrolyzed Feather Powder Plant

The whole system equipment adopt the vacuum deodorant principle to air purification. Adopting the vacuum drying principle to dry the material.


Connect supply high quality and lastest style of defeathering machine.

Working theory:

The birds pass into the plucking machines, which consist of rvolving

drums with rbber beaters or discs. The birds are continually flailed or

scraed by these,while being sprayed with warm water.The process

takes approximately 1 minutes.Ducks are often further plucked by a

hot was process which removes the finer feathers and down.
An adjustable stianless steel frame
Two opposed picking cabinets, or A-Frame
Seperate belt drives.
Feather flaps
Water pipe
Fully adjustable for product variations
No loss of settings after opeing
Fully accessible for cleaning and miantenance
Reuced energy and water consumption
Visual check of plucking possible during production


Connect airagitated scalder combines powful water agitation with a constant temperature

which guarantees an optimum plucking result.

The birds ,still suspended from the line, pass throug the scald tank in wich there is continuously

changing agitating water at a constant temperature between 58-60℃ . Because of a controlled

injection of air into to the water through nozzleds, a consistent, powerful turbulence is achieved which gives a better scalding

feefectThe time in the scald should be no more than 2 minutes. This ensures that the skin will be

untorn and unblemished.The scalding loosens the feathers for the plucking process. Somethimes detergents are add to the scald water, making .the penetration of the water to the feather follicles

much easier. Stainless steel heat exchanges for indirect heating with (hot water/steam).

Automatic water level control

Stainless steel canopy with stainless steel frame

Stainless steel hinged side panels to close the opening between the scalder tank and the canopy

Airblowing agitation system with 4.0KW blowing capacity per two sections

drop blood
The Connect sheep and lamb dressing system is a complete turn key solution for sheep abattoirs, designed to increase the productivity within the slaughter floor processing operations.
The connect sheep dressing system encompasses all activities on the slaughter room floor - from the stock yard chute through to the carcass holding room – ideal for processing up to 2500 carcases per day.
As connect customise to suit each operation, the end result is a proven solution designed specifically to suit each abattoir ensuring maximum productivity.
slaughter plant

Connect supply high quality whole processing abattoir equipments,.The machines including the following step: When the animals arrive they are put into pens until they are ready to be slaughtered. The animals are stunned with an electrical current which paralysis them and then are quickly and humanely put down, often under the supervision of a health inspector to make sure it's done in a way so that the animal is not too stressed. When the animal has been put down it is a case of processing the animal as quickly as possible so that the meat can be packed and stored in freezers within health guidelines.

For example, the abattoir equipment required on a beef line would include a knocking box, cradles, bleed conveyors, hide removal system, spreader for evisceration, carcus splitters, chiller rails, boning tools, packaging machines and weighing equipment.

All abattoirs require parts and equipment for their machinery to process stock. This equipment includes gambrels, chains, trolleys, pulleys, rollers, hangers, hooks and more.

After the animals are put down they are quickly washed and checked for any diseases. The animals are then split and deboned using knives and saws to break them up. The parts which are not for consumption are removed such as hooves and horns etc. There is a lot of specialized abattoir equipment used within the industry such as tools and machinery. Knives and cutting appliances are used to process the meat quickly and done so in a clean environment. Because of the machinery and tools used an abattoir must make sure that all staff are trained in the use of all abattoir equipment before they are used. Most staff working directly with the animals and machinery are given protective clothing to wear and there is usually shift work involved in most abattoirs.

Because of the nature of the work performed in an Abattoir it is important for the workplace to be spotless as they are working with livestock which is to be consumed by the public. Health inspectors are a constant presence in any abattoirs to make sure not only that the animals are put down humanely but that the work is carried out in a clean and hygienic environment. All tools and machinery must be thoroughly cleaned before being re used on other livestock. It is important for the whole workplace to be kept to very high safety standards otherwise an abattoir can be heavily fined and even closed for severe breaches of the health standards which are required.

When working in an abattoir most workers are given on the job training with the use of abattoir tools and machinery. There are generally no formal qualifications to gaining employment within the industry but all individuals must be clean and pay attention to hygiene. Workers can move up from the processing of the livestock to a supervisory role after working within the industry.

Abattoir Equipment Connect brings together the industries latest suppliers of abattoir equipment & services, our website lists various suppliers and locations to buy used or new abattoir equipment.

In summary Abattoirs are kept to extremely high health and hygiene standards due to the nature of the work which is carried out. Abattoir equipment used in the process of producing meat is extremely dangerous so all staff are trained in this area before using any tools. Abattoirs are necessary with the demand Australians place on good quality and clean meat and the operators of Abattoirs are held to very high health and safety standards. This goes with the whole process of making sure that the meat which is delivered is closely inspected to make sure it is of high quality and disease free for consumers.

Vibrating screen

Through the motor speed or cycloid reducer drive rotary-screen to filter the material and cool the materials by nature wind. The levels expected, the larger particle materials have to go through mill grinding and packaging; another target level can only be packed into bag.


This machine transfer heat through the wall to heat materials, some of the steam into the shell and tube in the wall between the annular space
Through the wall heating materials, condensed water from the exhaust port at the bottom of the trap; Another part of the steam into the
main shaft and coil and heating coil, condensed water discharge from the mouth of rotating joint. With the spin axis and the round of the leaf and coil, the materials is fully mixed and stirred. The second time steam discharge through the wind pipe. The pipes are weak to maintain the vacuum, so do not waste steam leak, but also avoid
receive too much cold air. The feed plate is allocated in heating coil, which can promoted With the forward movement of materials as well as self-cleaning effect, be able to clear the shaft and cylinder wall coating in order to maintain good heat transfer capacity

Screw conveyor

GX style screw conveyor can be divided into seven model which with the different diameter 150、200、250、300、400、500、600mm,length3-70m,can work in ambient temperature -20~50℃,transport materials in temperature lower than 200 ℃ and less than 20 ° angle in one direction.

Principle: By the use of motor reducer drive screw rotation, the materials transported to the target location.

Feather dehydration

Based on screw expressing principle, to dehydrate wet materials which is high humidity, to remove water in materials, which ready hydrolysis. The humidity of raw materials is about 75%, after squeezing, the humidity is about 40%.Equipment is reasonable in structure, high rates of dehydration, low energy consumption, easy maintenance, lower cost in feed production processing, significantly improving efficiency .

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